Woody’s, authentic Neapolitan pizza in Cornwall

From our first humble beginnings in a converted horse box our aim at Woody’s has been to bring traditional Neapolitan pizza to the North Cornwall coast.

We’ve made thousands of pizzas at festivals, weddings and events and since we landed at Saltbox in 2019, our reputation has grown as we deliver consistent top quality pizzas with flavours to delight at a price you want to pay. Pizza is everywhere but Neapolitan pizza is different, it’s crafted which takes time and expertise to perfect.

Our first step was to import the finest Italian pizza oven made by Mario Acunto. It reaches incredibly high temperatures and bakes to perfection in minutes. The next crucial element is flour, the best is Italian 00, high quality and finely milled, it’s essential for that light airy texture. Tomatoes, well you guessed it, are Italian. San Marzano, grown outside Naples have a distinctive sweetness, low acidity and concentrated flavour that’s perfect for a pizza base. We adore classic Italian toppings and you’ll always find them on our menu but we also love to experiment. Keep an eye out for specials, seasonal produce and flavour combinations where we let our creative juices fly!

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